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GoodWork Pilot in Radboud Academic Hospital, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

May 13, 2011

By Alexandrien van der Burgt-Franken
The Professional Pride Foundation in the Netherlands is starting to use the GoodWork Toolkit to lead sessions on GoodWork in an academic hospital. The translated GoodWork Toolkit will be used during four sessions. For these sessions, three groups of hospital employees will be selected: the junior staff, the nurses, and the heads of the different departments of the hospital, including senior doctors and educators. The first session took place in April, and the second session will start this week.

Howard Gardner Visits Bloomsburg

November 30, 2010

By Joan Miller
How are we preparing the next generation? Have we abandoned the role of the trusted role model? Have we failed as educators or is there hope for a better future among those committed to preparing the next generation of professionals to assume roles as responsible citizens? What does it take?

Early Warning Signs of Ethical Disaster

August 09, 2010

By Shelly London, The Family Dinner Project
It seems that every major disaster is followed by almost pro forma revelations of danger signs that should have alerted us to the danger but were ignored. We heard those revelations in the aftermath of 9/11 and we're hearing them now as the BP oil spill takes its place as the worst environmental disaster in American history.