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Toolkit in Action: A Conversation with Teacher Kathleen FitzGerald

April 06, 2011

By Margot Locker
She attributes their perspectives on the 3 E’s to their social development, their position as high school seniors and limited “real world” work experience. In thinking about excellence, Ms. FitzGerald worries that students have developed a skewed notion of what it means to be excellent. “I worry about their construction of excellence. To some, it seems to mean they have tried hard enough, rather than met a standard. I worry about what will happen when there are fewer formal evaluations and they need to determine excellence from within.”

Thoughts about the Summer Institute

August 03, 2010

By Wendy Fischman
We have just wrapped up our Project Zero annual Summer Institute—when hundreds of educators from all over the world come to Cambridge to learn about Project Zero research and practice methods. It is always an energizing experience for us researchers—it is a reminder for many of us that we are fortunate to do work that is engaging and stimulating, and attendees always make us feel as though it is important and helpful to their own work‚ which is rewarding for us to hear.

Lay It on the Table

May 26, 2010

By Bill Bussey, Provost, Ombudsman, English Teacher at Noble and Greenough School
The end of the year for graduates is understandably pretty much all about them, but to be honest, sometimes we all can lose perspective down the final stretch.

Digital Media and American Youth

February 22, 2010

By Katie Davis
Have the digital media changed American youth? That's the question that a group of researchers, including members of Howard Gardner's research team at Project Zero, met to discuss last December in Princeton, New Jersey.