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After attending PZ and the mini course on the GoodWork Toolkit, I changed jobs to an independent school and a different population. I still felt the need to teach ethics and responsibility to community and honesty. Adapting the Toolkit to 4th grade, I found that these students needed this moral education as much as my inner city students. Using the throughline - what are my responsibilities to my community? - I integrated this toolkit into my curriculum with great success. I found my students internalizing an ethical code they had not yet previously exhibited.

Malika Carter

4th Grade Teacher, San Francisco

...Students read the cases before class and reflect on the questions. You can see the cases we used last fall. I will likely do something similar this fall. Students respond to the cases. Discussion is rich. We have no difficulty relating topics to the nursing profession...

...It addresses the need to reflect on core values in the nursing profession at this critical time of nursing shortage...

Joan Miller RN, PhD

Assistant Professor, Bloomsburg University

To me, the major benefit of this project is simple mindfulness. Even if the kids quickly forget the details of this or that case, I think they can leave with an awareness that ethical dilemmas often present themselves in life and in the workplace, and they don't necessarily announce themselves as such! In fact, they can be downright sneaky, and one can find oneself making "ethical decisions" before even realizing they're deciding an ethical issue. I know this happens a lot in my work. Newer teachers especially don't even know their options (or that there might BE options) when asked to make this grade modification or that course level change. And they are typically asked to make such calls on the fly , while one group of 25 adolescents is leaving the classroom and another 25 kids are filtering in. So one consistent point of emphasis for me in our discussions was that simply knowing one will face ethical quandaries before one faces them can help with the quality and integrity of one's decisions.

Michael Sullivan