An Introduction to the Concept

yesno A good journalist is someone who:

  • yesno-boxes tasks thoughtful questions, expresses opinions clearly
  • yesno-boxes is an anchor woman on television
  • yesno-boxes becomes managing editor of a well-established and well-respected newspaper.
  • yesno-boxes writes a front page story for The New York Times
  • yesno-boxes wins a Pulitzer Prize
  • yesno-boxes interviews grieving parents of a missing child to confirm details of story
  • yesno-boxes submits a story to an editor on deadline, but doesn't check facts or details due to time crunch
  • yesno-boxes disguises her identity as a journalist in order to collect evidence for a story
  • yesno-boxes reports a story about the private life of a public figure even though it may affect the public figure's chance of receiving a fair trial

yesno A good actor is someone who:

  • yesno-boxes is famous and well-known
  • yesno-boxes plays a leading role in a big hit movie
  • yesno-boxes works as a waitress in addition to auditioning for shows on Broadway
  • yesno-boxes gets a role in a promising new movie without having any formal theater training
  • yesno-boxes doesn't have a paid acting job, only acts in shows sponsored by local community theaters
  • yesno-boxes wins an Academy Award or an Oscar
  • yesno-boxes decides to study the technique of acting rather than audition for roles
  • yesno-boxes makes money for participation in a television advertisement
  • yesno-boxes makes money for participation in a television advertisement for cigarettes

yesno A good business person is someone who:

  • yesno-boxes makes a lot of money
  • yesno-boxes employs a lot of people
  • yesno-boxes employs a lot of people who might otherwise be unemployed
  • yesno-boxes manages an internationally recognized Fortune 500 company
  • yesno-boxes changes some disappointing numbers on a company's financial reports in order to gain more investors to keep the business afloat
  • yesno-boxes has strong negotiation skills and gets "everything she wants"
  • yesno-boxes donates a portion of the company's net worth to a homeless shelter
  • yesno-boxes knows how to network with others in order to make important connections with people who will promote the company
  • yesno-boxes to the company's detriment, doesn't fire someone because she doesn't want this person to be out of a job

Discussion Questions

  • What makes a good professional? What are some of the qualities? Some of the factors?
  • What are some of the challenges to doing good work?