The Toolkit

The GoodWork Toolkit


Work occupies much of our lives. Hours spent at the office or at home thinking about work-related tasks and obligations often exceed time away from work. Yet, how many of us find our work meaningful? How many of us feel able to do our best work? And how often do we stop to consider the consequences of our work on others, or its impact on society as a whole? For individuals at all levels-young students, graduate school students, and new and veteran professionals-opportunities to consider the meaning of work for themselves and others are rare, but imperative. Society needs professionals who care about good work. The Toolkit is not a prescribed curriculum; it is called a "toolkit," because it contains a variety of tools" that may be used in a number of combinations. The materials are meant to be adaptable to a variety of contexts; in other words, the Toolkit can be used as part of a retreat, as a year-long theme in a particular class, as the basis of a two or three day seminar. There is no need to follow these chapters, in order, from beginning to end. Facilitators should feel free to pick and choose and adapt these cases and activities as best suits their goals and needs.

The GoodWork Toolkit:

Complete set includes: the Guidebook, Narratives, and a set of Value Sort Cards.

GoodWork Toolkit: Guidebook

The Guidebook is a resource manual to help participants start important conversations and reflection about good work. It includes narratives and reflective activities that participants can draw upon to incorporate GoodWork techniques into their classes, programs, and co-curricular activities and workshops. Additionally, each of the four chapters begins with a short introduction, a summary of the goals of that chapter, annotations of the narratives and activities, and reflective discussion questions.

GoodWork Toolkit: Narratives

The Narratives volume is a separate collection of the same real-life stories included in the Guidebook, but limited to the cases themselves. We have created this volume in order to make it possible for participants to order multiple copies of the Narratives (e.g., for students or employees) without the more extensive instructional materials that come with the Guidebook.

GoodWork Toolkit: Value Sort Cards

The Value Sort Cards encourage participants to think about their personal and professional values. Sort these thirty value cards in terms of relative importance to each other. Directions are included.