Professional Development Seminars

professional GoodWork concepts never fail to generate meaningful self-reflection and group dialogue among colleagues. Professionals in education and other settings consistently report that the Toolkit is an effective and flexible resource to use in meetings or retreats for departments, divisions, or entire organizations. It is also a proven way for representatives of many different schools and organizations (e.g. journalists, artists, counselors) to discuss issues of professional relevance in conference settings.

Each seminar is unique but all GoodWork professional development sessions are designed to:

  1. help individuals become familiar with the concept of good work and to articulate their own values for work;
  2. reflect on their own work and what professionals find meaningful about their work;
  3. facilitate conversation about what constitutes good work in their own settings and how their respective workplace communities can support such work.

Whether a session lasts for a few hours or for two days, participants will leave with a specific work plan, including estimates of when and how good work ideas will be brought into their particular community. We customize agendas in consultation with the hosting organization but encourage you to look at the samples included here and imagine how the Toolkit can be used in your professional setting.

Interested in specific agendea/descriptions?

  • Project Zero Summer Institute Minicourse
  • Single Department Retreat
  • Seminar for Counselors
  • Presentation for Dental Editors