In Practice


courses The Toolkit is a flexible resource to draw upon whether you are framing an entire course about good work , enhancing existing instructional designs, or facilitating small-group discussion about excellence, ethics, and engagement. Take a look at some of the innovative ways educators in varied settings, disciplines, and countries have incorporated GoodWork in their practices.

Professional Development Seminars

professional Toolkit users quickly discover the value of contemplating what GoodWork means to them personally. Participants in our Toolkit training programs and courses tell us that they rarely have the chance to talk about GoodWork issues they face day-to-day and thank us for facilitating meaningful conversations with their colleagues. Explore some ways that our team can help groups of professionals think about the meaning of good work and how they can promote good work in their organizations.

School-Wide Consultation

schoolwide Creating a culture of GoodWork requires input and commitment from different constituents of a school community. We bring together teachers, administrators, coaches, advisors, counselors, parents, and teachers to explore the importance of good work in their community and their shared responsibility to encourage it. Learn more about ways we can work with your school.

Consulting with Individual Educators

teachers Individual GoodWork champions have found innovative ways to incorporate GoodWork ideas in their classes, programs, and departments. Learn more about how we can help you adapt the Toolkit to meet your goals.


Student Work

studentwork Essays, articles, and journal reflections document how GoodWork inspired assignments get students thinking about what good work means to them. We invite you to read student work that teachers from a variety of disciplines and settings have shared with us.