Ann Lynch, University of Maine-Farmington

Professor Ann Lynch teaches a freshman seminar on GoodWork at University of Maine-Farmington. Her semester-long class incorporates the GoodWork Toolkit along with Howard Gardner's Five Minds to shape the syllabus. The class aims to foster an understanding of the complexities of the professional world and the challenges that arise in pursuing a meaningful and ethical career. Professor Lynch's students use ethical dilemmas, discussions, and projects to explore ideas of excellent, ethical and engaging work in the professional world and the students' daily lives.

GoodWork Hub - The Netherlands

The GoodWork Hub, emerging in 2010, is an extension of the Stichting Beroepseer (Foundation for Professional Honor), which works to address issues of professional dissatisfaction throughout the country. The GoodWork Hub serves as a center for individuals who wish to develop their professional quality and expertise. Founders Thijs Jansen, Alexandrien van der Burgt and colleagues build networks that contribute to the awareness of professional honor and speak freely about issues in the professional world.

The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF), India

The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) works to transform students into ethical leaders. tGELF has a multi-step process that works with students in grades 8-12 with the goal of instilling basic leadership skills, values, and ethics into the students' lives. The foundation uses a comprehensive curriculum, including classes, trainings, competitions, and extra-curricular activities to nurture and mentor young people to evolve into leaders and change makers of the future. We have been working with tGELF in an effort to integrate GoodWork ideas into their existing school networks.

Design for Change, India

Design for Change is a global movement that challenges youth to put their ideas into action. The contest asks students to "feel, imagine, and do" and discover that they can make changes in their communities and worldwide. The Design for Change movement was founded around Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of children 'being the change.' Students work in groups of 5, choosing an issue that bothers them and then finding a solution to the problem through teamwork and creativity. Each competing school than chooses one issue to focus on as a group. Their efforts are documented and then submitted for a country-wide competition annually. In 2 years, Design for Change has spread to 21 countries, fueled solely by passion, belief, and a sense of purpose. In addition to our admiration and support for all they do, we have also conducted research to evaluate the positive effects of this competition on students and faculty from participating schools.

Family Dinner Project

The Family Dinner Project was launched by Shelly London, a fellow at Harvard's Advanced Leadership Initiative, and encourages families to come together at the dinner table to talk about "things that matter." The goal of the movement is to encourage regular, substantive family connection and conversation, in the belief that such habits help young people become more aware and mindful of ethics in their daily lives. We have been working with the Family Dinner Team since its inception, contributing discussion materials, conducting research with families to learn from their experiences, and seeking out new partnerships.

Bezos Family Foundation

The Bezos Family Foundation works to strengthen and improve educational opportunities for all people, regardless of economic circumstances, and cultivate learning as a life-long process that begins at birth. The Bezos Family Foundation partners with schools and communities to enable children from all backgrounds to become agents of change. The Bezos Scholars and Aspen Institute, both started in 2005, bring students together to address issues they wish to solve through seminars, community building, and interactions with powerful leaders from across the globe. The Bezos Family Foundation recently partnered with Global Nomads to found Students Rebuild in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Students Rebuild is working to build schools and communities in Haiti.